Industrial Valves

Function Of Control Valves

Control valves like Butterfly Valve, Pinch valve, Knife edge Gate Valves are types of valves mainly applied to regulate the conditions like flow, pressure, temperature as well as liquid intensity by completely or partly opening up or closing down itself in reaction to signals obtained from the controllers that evaluate a the chosen spot to a process changeable whose value is offered by sensors that scrutinize the alteration in such conditions.

Key functions of Control Valves include:

  • Temperature Management: By changing the rate of flow of heating or cooling chemicals in a system, control valves can help to maintain specified temperature.
  • Pressure Manage: Control valves are devices that control flow in order to control system pressure and keep it within safe working limits.
  • Flow Control: By adjusting the liquid's flow rate using a system, control valves allow perfect control of the amount of material moving or produced.
  • Level Controlling: Control valves are regularly used to regulate the supply and output of fluid in settings were maintain a particular fluid level is important.
  • Process Control: For the reason to assure production safety, efficacy, and quality, control valves are essential for keeping process controls within defined limits.
  • On/Off Monitor: In fundamental on/off applications, where full flow can be allowed or completely stopped according to system requirements, specific control valves are used.