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Beena Engineering Works is one of the prominent companies in India manufacturing, supplying and exporting finest quality, high performance valves such as Control Valves, Open Body, Gear Operated, Chain Operated Pinch Valves, Plastic Check Valves, Butterfly Valve, Diaphragm Valves, Globe Valves and Knife Edge Gate Valves etc.

Control Valve automatically regulate pressure and/or flow rate, and are available for any pressure. If different plant systems operate up to, and at pressure/temperature combinations that require Class 300 valves, sometimes (where the design permits), all Control Valves chosen will be Class 300 for interchange-ability. However, if none of the systems exceeds the ratings for Class 150 valves, this is not necessary.

Control Valve Supplier in India

To lessen the impact of these load disturbances, sensors and transmitters gather data regarding the process variable and its relationship to some ideal set point. A controller at that point measures this information and decides what must be dealt with get the process variable back to where it ought to be after a load disturbance occurs. At the point while all the measuring, comparing, and calculating are done, some type of final control component should implement the procedure chose by the regulator.

Common end control element in the process control industries is control valves, it used to manage and direct the flow of fluids such as water, gas, or various chemicals by varying the size of the flow passage. It keeps the regulated Process components as the desired set points.

Industrial Control Valves - Best Quality Assurance

We are exceptionally dedicated and persistent in satisfying our clients. Therefore to make certain that our patrons get only excellently performing and durably lasting Control Valve in India, the finished valve get together will be outwardly reviewed for general workmanship, neatness, scale, distinguishing proof, defensive coatings and so on. We have taken up brilliant strategies for maintaining the quality at every phase of our product processing. We acquire supreme grade raw-materials for making our valves.

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Industries We Serve

Control Valves for Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and Gas

A control valve is a power-operated device utilized to regulate or manipulate the flow of liquids, such as gas, oil, water, and steam. We are oil & gas Industrial Control Valve Manufacturers. These valves provide process control over tough pressure, temperature and flow rate in gas & oil Industry.


Manufacturer of Reliable Pinch & Control Valves for Refining industry – Beena Engineering Works is leading Supplier of Industrial Control Valve in India. An oil refinery Industries requires a large number of special flow control parts, yet you just need one single-source provider for complete coverage of all your individual processes. We have helped several clients improve their process reliability, profitability, safety and supportability with application-suitable valve solutions.

Industrial Valve for Refinery, India

Control Valve Exporters for Food, Gujarat, India

Food and Beverage

Fast growing industry in this era is Food Processing Industry. Beena Engineering is leading Pinch Valve, Globe - Gate - Diaphragm Valves & Mainly Control Valves Manufacturer for Food and Beverages. With an expanding need for parts and products that keep plants running easily .The business' numerous difficulties, including security concerns, have incited exacting material prerequisites for the valves utilized in these plants. There are two characterizations for valves in the food and beverage industry: those in direct contact with food materials and those taking care of utility services (for example steam, water).


The use of Control Valves is an essential aspect of many industries, where there are hundreds or a numbers of crucial pipelines system for transferring media from one place to another, these media include crude oil, gas, any liquids. We are Exporter of Pinch Valves, Diaphragm, Butterfly & Control Valves for Pipelines. Valves are utilized to advance the pipeline working conditions and can be found in the upstream, midstream, and downstream parts of the funneling.

Suppliers of Valve for Pipe line system in India

Control Valve Manufacturer - Pharmaceutical Industry


A part of large chemical processing industry is bio-pharma industry. We are Control Valves Manufacturer & Suppliers for Pharmaceutical Industry. The very important factor of using valves is their ability to be cleaned and sterilized. The valves should have the option to endure the idea of the media, just as offer exact flow control and high leakage protection to ensure against spills and cross-defilement.

Specialty Chemicals

Beena Valve was associated with the development of process automation in the specialty chemical business right from the beginning. A large number of our valve ranges were, and still are, developed in close collaboration with leading chemical industry. The subsequent products characterize the business standard in numerous applications. We are Globe Valve, Knife Edge Gate Valve, Flush Bottom, Gear Operated Pinch Valve, & Control Valves Manufacturers for Specialty Chemical Industry.

Control Valve Exporter for Chemicals

Control Valve India - Marine Industry

Marine Industry

Since many years, Beena Valve has been working in the zones of fuel handling, chilled water systems, power through pressure, seawater desalination and numerous other seaward applications. Our flow control resolution assists you with effectively take care of corrosion & extreme temperatures. We are Suppliers of Chain Operated, Gear Operated Pinch Valves, and Control Valves for Marine Industry.

Water & Waste Water Industry

Control Valves is used in water and Wastewater Industry. These industry needs valves for maintain, repairing and constructing structures that control water flows and resources. We deliver toughest products that comprise the most cost-efficient solution for our partners in the long run. We are Control Valves Manufacturer & Suppliers for Wastewater Industry.

Control Valve Manufacturers for Waste Water Industry
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